Instilled with a love for all things fashion from an early age, Laura actually got her start in the industry working at Nordstrom. Things have now come full circle as Laura frequents the NorthPark Center store almost daily for client styling.

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Opal Milk By Rye

Laura first met the owner of Opal Milk, Rye, through their mutual friend, Abi Ferrin. They both attended Fashion Week in Austin together where Laura styled her clients with Abi’s clothes and the carefully curated selection of boho chic pieces from Opal Milk.

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Shop Loren Everyday

Laura has had the good fortune of knowing Loren Maine Williams for over 13 years. With an artistry background, Loren discovered her love for jewelry when her oldest son, Cole, went on his first day of school. Loren was having an emotional day (many moms can relate to this), when her mother brought her a [...]

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Lindsay Attaway

A longtime friend, Laura helped Lindsay Attaway from a branding/visual standpoint as she built her company. As the designer and owner of Shop Dirty Blondes, the dynamic duo worked together for the photoshoot/launch of Attaway’s company.

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Gretchen Ventura

Laura met Gretchen Ventura through her dear friend, Abi Ferrin. The Minnesota native (and close friend of Donna Karan) Ventura specializes in unique, handmade jewelry that can be found at Neiman Marcus. “She is a true artist,” shared Fedock. Rumor has it that the two are currently working on a capsule collection together.

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Bask Boutique

Bask is a full-service swim, resort, and accessories boutique. Laura Fedock has a close relationship with the owners of the Snider Plaza store and constantly pops in to find that perfect suit, coverup, an accessory that will add a little pop to her client’s ensemble. “They truly have everything there!”

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Stanley Korshak

“I actually first met Crawford Brock in a group text through our mutual friend, John Zogg,” shared Fedock. “Stanley Korshak always seemed intimidating to me…now I’m there 3-4 times a week. I love that it’s family owned.”

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Neiman Marcus

“Everyone in there is so amazing….and…after all…Dallas is Neimans… Laura loves the team of people she works with at Neiman’s and frequents the NorthPark location on a daily basis.

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Ms Painted Lady

Laura was doing a charity event with Paws in the City in conjunction with launching her brand when she crossed paths with Alex Dixon, founder of Ms. Painted Lady. MPL Cosmetics is the perfect mixture of female empowerment with colors that are beautiful and soft.

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Wolf Jewelry

As mutual graduates of Texas Tech University, Laura has known Bryan Vaughn, owner of Wolf Jewelry, for years. The diamond expert based out of Houston offers VIP services to everyone who walks in the door.

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Leviate Air Group

“I always book with Leviate for when I have to travel to see my celebrity clients. Randall Mize (owner of Leviate) is practically on my speed dial!” Founded in 2014, Leviate was established to provide the business aviation world with a standard bearer in service, client satisfaction, and real-world aviation experience. With established divisions in [...]

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Styled & Organized

Leticia Pfeiffer of Styled & Organized is a seasoned veteran in the organizing world. If you haven’t met her yet— here is your chance! She is a miracle worker; literally. In Laura’s words, “Leticia is the upmost professional and a true joy to work with! I needed help organizing my life during a mini-move back [...]

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Uncommon Man

Uncommon Man specializes in made-to-measure clothing catered to the Dallas Gentleman. “Honestly Kyle Shiels (owner of Uncommon Man) just gets it…” shared Fedock. The styling maven constantly frequents the Snider Plaza boutique for menswear.

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PIN Salon

“The owners are practically family to me – which is why it is the go-to salon for my entire family. Billy Irby is the color specialist and Rainer Schneck is the lead stylist. The two of them have done such an amazing job at building this salon together.”

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Cooper Fitness Center

Dr. Kenneth Cooper is the inventor of aerobic exercise – my entire family goes there – that’s where I refer all of my clients to. The whole concept is top notch and they make working out fun!

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