Men’s Fashion; Confidence is KEY.

Confidence is key. When a man walks into a room, his internal confidence becomes external. Whether he is drawing upon his experience, his faith, or the notion that he knows he looks good . . . wherever it comes from, confidence is key.We all want it, but not every one possesses it. Confidence comes from [...]

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Because life is BEAUTIFUL…

Isn't that quote amazing? It may seem deep, but don't you worry dolls, this post will be moving and awesome (if I have anything to do with it :) Let's just start by saying that I am more inspired than ever to inspire YOU this week. We all know that life is not all rainbows, [...]

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Because BLUE

Oh Jimmy Choo- you never let me down... But this post is all about turquoise, mint, royal, aqua, navy, sky, midnight-- BLUE and more blue. And, guess what? If you wear blue, chances are you will be far from "feeling blue".Actually hear me out on this-- it's pretty fascinating. Not only is blue a stunning [...]

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Monday Motivation

Let me preface this blog post by saying that my original plan was to showcase a couple of my favorite beach-ready looks, BUT the swimwear and cover ups actually sold out nationwide before I could share them with you. Oh well, I'm actually more in the mood for a heartfelt blog tonight. Sound good to [...]

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Red, White and BLUE!

Red, White and BLUE! Yes, there's something so amazing about the Fourth of July weekend, and I can't exactly put my finger on it. Besides the obvious patriotic component, July 4th is truly when friends and family make a valid effort to pause their busy work schedules and spend quality time together. So before I [...]

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White HOT!!!

White HOTStep aside red, it's all about White!And what perfect timing, as the Wilkinson Center White Party Charity event is tomorrow, Saturday, June 13th, at St. Anne's Restaurant in Dallas, Texas.  The whole venue will be transformed into a magical white wonder land. Tagged as the top Dallas charity event of the year, this is [...]

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Love and be loved.

Love and be loved. That's all we could ever ask for, right? And with that love, we find happiness . . . or at least that's our heart's intention. One of the best books I've ever read is The Five Love Languages by Gary D Chapman. I challenge all of you to purchase this book. [...]

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Outfit of the Day

Dallas vibes from today were my inspiration for this outfit. After all, the sun finally came out! Now that deserves one giant, fashionable curtsy. To add extra style to your outfit, be sure to mix warm and cool tones. This nude tank, tied in a side knot, combined with fresh blue, distressed denim really makes this [...]

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