Energy & Valentine’s Day.

Energy. Your energy introduces you before you even speak. Translation: Your only limit is you. The vibes you give off are a reflection (literally) of your self confidence. If you don’t feel confident— it shows in your body language, the way you carry a conversation, and even how your eyes [...]

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A Reflection: You Are More Than Beautiful

Yeah so luckily this is not a conversation we’re having face-to-face, because my mouth is numb from topical lidocain and my jaw is a tad swollen. I look ridiculous . . . pretty sure there’s a Snapchat filter out there that could perfectly emphasize this swelling I’m experiencing post-oral surgery. I had surgery just [...]

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Summer Chic

Happy Summer fashion lovers! I don't know about you, but it sure is toasty here in Texas. And when it comes to this summer heat, nothing feels better on your body than a lightweight silky ensemble. Comfortable, breathable, versatile and classy . . . all together my definition of summer chic. Without further adieu, [...]

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The Perfect Bodysuit

Bodysuits. They are ideal for layering-- which is a must in Dallas during the fall and winter seasons. And more than anything, who doesn't love the look of a tucked in top that stays tucked in . . . without the fuss? This bodysuit is one of my personal faves, made from the softest [...]

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Holy Fashion

There is a time and a place for distressed denim and one fabulous blazer. It's those two magic words-- Girls' Night!   Distressed jeans are a staple in my wardrobe. These jeans are a cropped version, so they're perfect for showing off your favorite heels. Now there's one main thing to keep in mind when [...]

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Spring is here!

Spring is here, but that doesn't mean you need to change up your entire wardrobe. Adding a pop of color paired back to nude strappy sandals turns any girls favorite outfit color (black) into a fun spring ensemble. Go into any girls closet and she has black, black and more black. It's obvious that we love [...]

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Comfy doesn’t mean dowdy!

TGIF Fashion lovers!Yessss, it finally feels like fall, so it's time to get out your UGGS, put on a moo-moo (that adorable tent-like outfit) and never change out of those leggings that have split seams and two holes in them. --> Said no girl ever . . . or maybe you have thought this? Haha! [...]

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Mauve-a-lous darling!

It's Wednesday evening - AKA, almost Thursday and that means it's almost Friday. Yasssss! Come tomorrow morning, put your lipstick on, turn on some rap music and just handle it. At least that's what this "boss babe" does. My life is far from perfect, please allow me to clarify that. If you have been following [...]

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When life gives you lemons . . .

Welcome to Part 1 in a four-part series titled, "Empowering Fashion and Style". These blog posts go in conjunction with the recent article Simonetta Lein published about me and my business, Life-STYLE by Laura. If you don't know Simo, I like to refer to her as the modern day Oprah. Seriously though . . . [...]

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Your DREAMS don’t just have to be DREAMS.

Remember those dreams you had as a little child? Yes, those BIG dreams. It's never too late. Your dreams all start with believing you can. And lucky for you-- I'm here to help. There is nothing more beautiful and attractive than confidence. And top that off with inner peace and true happiness-- what more could you [...]

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